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Best Artemisia Builds (Talent Tree) in Rise of Kingdoms

Artemisia is relatively new to Rise of Kingdoms but she will be great either serving in the garrison defending or in the open field and that’s exactly what I made the talent builds here for.

Best Talent Tree Builds For Artemisia

I really like the combination of Archer, Defense and Garrison Tree with Artemisia paired with a primary skill that deals nice damage – this could shift meta somehow.

You always want to pair her up with a commander that also has a focus on archers or the best talents in the archer tree simply won’t work when you don’t run her with a full archer army.

That’s my only issue with defense build here, that many talents simply won’t work because you always have multiple different troops for defending and can’t use all the archer tree talents to the full potential.

Best Garrison Defense Build

This is the build you want to use if you’re defending your city (and you probably want to use Yi-Seong Gye as the secondary commander):

best artemisia city defense build

Build with RoKTalent Builder

First off it’s time to get into the Garrison Tree where we see the classic talent setup that we use on all garrison commander talent tree builds with Nowhere To Turn and Impregnable. Those are the only points to spend here before you go over to the Defense Tree.

There you want to get Burning Blood first before you make your way over to Loose Formation. Burning Blood will offer you some nice extra rage and Loose Formation is great for reducing the skill damage you take, especially if your city might get swarmed. I know that Medicinal Supplies might be worth considering because her first skill will hurt your own army as well but i think pumping up damage is much more valuable.

Now head over to the Archer Tree to get to Venomous Sting and this is the talent that will improve your damage output a lot (as well as the damage of your secondary commander), even though you have to get some march speed on the way it’s still the best talent you can pick up here.

Rest of the points can be spent as shown above (there’s actually not much room to go here and at the end it’s no-matter-what always increasing archer damage).

Important! If you’re not sure who to pair Artemisia with, check out our freshly updated Ranked Commander Pairing list here 🙂

Best Flag Defense Build

If you want to use Artemisia to defend a flag in Rise of Kingdoms, you rather want to make some minor adjustments to the defense build:

best artemisia flag defense build

The only adjustment you make for defending a flag is to get King’s Guard in the Garrison Tree because it is the greatest value-per-talent thing to get here. You will lose some damage here but you don’t need to worry about damage output with Artemisia anyway.

Open Field Build

In the open field you can use the points to go all-in with Archers and I really recommend that you run her with a secondary commander that also has the Archer Tree so you can run a full archer army with her:

best artemisia open field build

Build with RoKTalent Builder

Running the open field with a secondary archer commander also works with this build.

You want to get into the Defense Tree first to get Burning Blood and Loose Formation to a nice ground setup. In my opinion, this balances things out a little better because you rather lack in defense than in damage with Artemisia. Now get Medicinal Supplies and it will neutralize the harm you do to yourself with your primary skill.

From here it’s all into Archer Tree and you really need to run Artemisia with a secondary commander that also focus on archers or at least run well with archers to run her with a full archer army, otherwise most of the archer tree talents are simply wasted…

Important! If you’re not sure who to pair Artemisia with, check out our freshly updated Ranked Commander Pairing list here 🙂


What’s you opinion on these builds for Artemisia in Rise of Kingdoms? If you have questions or you want to add anything please drop a comment below 🙂

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