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Best Commander Pairings (All Commander)

Pairing Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms can give you amazing synergies but using the wrong commander as your secondary commander can put you on a disadvantage as well. In this guide I wanted to show you the best option of secondary commanders to use with every commander that’s in Rise of Kingdoms.

Updated with the latest new commanders 🙂

So, my biggest problem when trying to create this list was… how should I do it? My first approach was listing every commander and then show which commander will be a good pairing. This was something I gave up pretty fast because some commanders are only good as secondary commanders and there wasn’t much benefit for you when I make such a list.

So, I was thinking that it will be a lot more helpful for you when I put here the main objectives (like raiding other peoples cities or hunting barbarians etc.) and give you the best pairing that you should use for that.

Best Commander Pairings – Open Field

Aethelflaed & Joan of Arc

This is not only female power pairing, it’s also the strongest pairing you can use if your’re F2P or low spender on Rise of Kingdoms and I promise you that you will love this pairing so much.

best f2p open field commander pairing aethelflaed and joan of arc

Aethelflaed works best with putting 5 telent points into her first skill and then use one on each other skills. This won’t make it too hard to get all her skills. She does a massive AoE with a lot of damage, health and defense reduction of up to 30% and this pairs extremely well with the rage restoration and buffing you get from Joan of Arc and this keeps Aethelflead cycling through her skills again and again.

Hermann & El Cid

This is also a really strong pairing to use and even if you need a legendary commander (El Cid) it’s still easy to build because you only need El Cid’s first skill to get the full benefit. Hermann will silence the enemy for the first 2 seconds and then El Cid’s skill will silence them for another second – this gives you a head start of 3 seconds in every battle and it’s legit!

el cid herman commander pairing

The best way to use this pairing is when you build yourself a full archer army and you also get more march speed – 10% from Hermann and you can also get 20% from El Cid when you put it into his 3rd skill (but max out his first skill first!).

You want to use a full Skill tree build with the rest of the points in Archery for that combo to work best.

Best Commander Pairing – Rallying

Attila & Takeda

attila takeda best rally commander pairingAttila and Takeda is currently the strongest and hardest-to-counter rally commander pairing.





Genghis Khan & Cao Cao

This commander pairing is massive and deals so much skill damage that it should be banned – but it requires you to only have cavalry units in your army or his 3rd and 4th skill won’t procc! This is vital for this pairing and make the difference between an overpowered pairing and a good pairing so make sure that there are no other troops than cavalry in the rally army!

best rally commander pairing in rise of kingdoms caocao and ghengis khan

Gengis Khan himself will lower the rage requirements for using a skill and also generates massive amounts of rage and skill damage. Pairing this up with Cao Cao who can now fire off his 40% damage reduction debuff back to back with the help of the lowered rege requirements from Ghengis plus adding more rage generation from his own 4th skill. These two just take the rage engine in Rise of Kingdoms out of control and there’s not much they can’t do together.

Richard I & Charles Martel? NO!

I know many people like to also run Richard and Charles as a commander pairing for offense in rallies but I don’t recommend that actually. They are strong, yes. They are durable as hell, yes.

The thing is, they do damage really slowly and that’s where you can get problems. Your side can only reinforce a rally once while the enemy can reinforce the defending structure as often as they want. So going for a quick ambush is much better than a long fight that can turn the tides towards the defending enemy.

Yi Seong-Gye & El Cid

This is also a really nice commander pairing and even though it’s build for using all Archers it’s not that vulnerable when one player ruins it by bringing other troops than archers. With Yi Seong-Gye you have nice rage generation, AoE damage and synergies to boost the damage of both parties.

yi seong gye and el cid commander pairing

El Cid will also boost the damage of your army with his 4th skill by 25% as well as movement speed so they will work well in rallies – but you will need to have your El Cid leveled up enough to fully have the 4th skill active if you want to run this commander pairing well with a moxed army. If you don’t have the 4th skill of El Cid you rather want to use the next pairing.

Hannibal Barce & Minamoto

This is also a combination that deals nasty amounts of damage and is working well for leading a rally. Hannibal Barca’s 4th skill will add a ton of extra damage to the army every single time using any skill when outside alliance territory.

This pairs well with Minamoto’s ability to simply nuke the hell out of enemies. You can potentially also use Yi Seong-Gye instead to prevent that your relly gets swarmed but that depends on the commander setup you have.

Best Commander Pairing – Defense

Wu Zetian & Yi-Seong Gye

This is the new superior garrison defense combination that you can have and there’s no way that you can get any better.

Wu Zetian is crazy in defending your garrison with all her skills crafted around that and with the right talent build on her you will be able to get rage engine rockin’ that will cycle through the skills very fast. Now pair that up with YSG as the secondary commander and attackers won’t have a great time at all.

You should check out my talent builds for Wu Zetian and Yi-Seong Gye as well to get the most out of this commander pairing.

Richard I & Charles Martel

You remember when I told you that this commander pairing isn’t that well in leading rallies? Well, for the exact same reason it’s perfect to defend structures.

best defense commander pairing in rise of kingdoms

This combination will extend the fight a lot and this is what can give you an advantage because reinforments are playing into your hands during that time you extend the fight. There’s no need to take out the attacking army fast, the longer it takes the longer you can reinforce the structure and get stronger while your enemy can’t.

They simply have such a strong healing and shielding that there’s no way that the enemy can just fast nuke them and the more time the battle takes the more troops you can kill.

Constantine & Charles Martel

constantine charles garrison commander pairingConstantine does also do quite a great job defending when paired with Charles Martel also for the reason that you can get a lot of additional rage with the right talent build and start to get a rage engine rockin’ and Charles will complement this perfectly.

You should check out my talent builds for Constantine and Charles as well to get the most out of this commander pairing.

Best Commander Pairing – Gathering

When gathering there are not some general best pairings for simple reasons.

The first reason is it depends what resource you’re gathering because different gathering commanders do have extra percentage on the gathering of food, stone etc.

And even when we take a look at this, adding a secondary gathering commander and pair them for gathering would be fine, but in reality you want to send out multiple gathering squads, right? And this comes down to what commanders you have available that you can pair. It makes no sense to build a perfect gathering squad for stone and one for food because it’s just extremely hard to expertize your commanders up that much in addition to the other commanders you need… just for gathering.

I’ll recommend you to take the gathering commanders you have and either pair them up with each other or have a look what commanders you else got would fit best 🙂

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