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Best Leonidas Build (Talent Tree) in Rise of Kingdoms

Leonidas is not only a new commander, he’s also a really interesting one with some nice skills and an AoE silence that can be very powerful in game modes like Sunset Canyon.

In this guide here I have two builds for you that I found to be working really well with Leonidas.

Best Builds For Leonidas

Without wasting much more time, let’s jump right into the builds now.

Open Field Build

Here’s a build that you would use when you want Leonidas in the open field:

rise of kingdoms leonidas open field build

Build with RoKTalent Builder

So, let’s see how this talent build composes and in which order you should build it.

First of all, go into the Infantry Tree and get over to the right side to get Fleet of Foot for a march speed increase for your infantry units.

In the Defense Tree, you want to get Master Armorer and Burning Blood. Remember, Leonidas generates extra rage by percentage so this talent will get even better on him.

From here, think Balance is a good choice, although you will reduce the damage you deal. Still, the thing here is that Leonidas doesn’t have the highest damage factor and you will sustainably reduce the damage taken so this is still a good trade in this situation. You could theoretically get No Weakness instead if you don’t feel good about doing that, this will only reduce the damage you’re getting but at a much smaller rate.

Also, you want to spend the two points into March Speed (All Troops) because those 6% are still very useful if you use Leonidas in the open field.

Lastly you will use your last points available (if you have Leonidas maxed) to get Loose Formation to also reduce the skill damage you will receive by 9% which also makes most sense now.

Now it’s time to go back to the Infantry Tree and go to the left to Strong of Body and sequentially make your way up to max out that tree.

Important! If you’re not sure who to pair Leonidas with, check out our freshly updated Ranked Commander Pairing list here 🙂

Alternative Build (Slow But Tanky)

So, if you want to use Leonidas in game modes like Sunset Canyon where march speed is not any benefit – and it makes a lot of sense with his skills – you rather want to pick a talent build like this:

rise of kingdoms leonidas sunset canyon build

Build with RoKTalent Builder

This is an alternative version from the open field build that you can use for open field where you don’t go for the talents that will give you additional march speed because there no one cares about march speed.

So, the procedure is the same as above and you go into the Infantry Tree first and go up to Hold the Line which is also pretty helpful.

In the Defense Tree you will get a lot more defensive options now with the additional points, you have No Weakness (reduces all damage taken), Testudo Formation (chance to reduce damage taken) and even some minor healing with Medicinal Supplies.

What you can think about is taking off Hold the Line in the Infantry Tree and get those points into Desperate Elegy which is also a nice thing to have, especially thinking about the extra rage Leonidas is already generating.

This is actually interesting looking at the fact that you would send Leonidas on a march that will die anyway so getting the below-30% boost can be a good thing.

Important! If you’re not sure who to pair Leonidas with, check out our freshly updated Ranked Commander Pairing list here 🙂


What’s you opinion on these builds for Leonidas in Rise of Kingdoms? If you have questions or you want to add anything please drop a comment below 🙂

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