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Best Minamoto Builds in Rise of Kingdoms

Are you not sure how you can make a successful Minamoto Yoshitsune Build in Rise of Kingdoms?

You’re in the right place! I have here some really excellent working builds that you can also adapt if you haven’t maxed out Minamoto and that will make him perform at his best on your way to success 🙂

Minamoto Yoshitsune Role

Minamoto is one of the purest nuker in Rise of Kingdoms but also works great with a Cavalry commander or to defend against PvP attacks.

The builds for him that you can see here will heavily use his nuking ability and either pair with Cavalry or with Peacekeeping, depending what you want to use him for.

Best Minamoto Builds

So, I promised you some builds and without further ado, I want to show them to you.

Best Cavalry Build

This build here is perfect if you use Minamoto Yoshitsune with a cavalry army and in the open field – but not the best one for rallies.

best minamoto build full cavalry

Build with RoKTalent Builder

So, if you want to use this build and you don’t have Minamoto maxed out (what you probably don’t have), this is the best order to set up the build as you level him up:

Step 1 (27 Points) – first you want to get over to Rejuvenate in the skill tree. You don’t need to spend all 27 points here first before you do start getting in the Cavalry tree but Rejuvenate is the first one you want to unlock. You have some bonus points to the left and right here that you can fill in later.

Step 2 (46 Points) – now it’s time to go to the Cavalry tree and get Rallying Cry at the very top there. Don’t spend more points that you need to in order to unlock this. If you have done that you can work on getting Undying Fury on the left side.

Step 3 (1 Point) – at the very end you can get the last points into the Peacekeeping tree for March Speed that is more beneficial than spending the last points just “somewhere” in the other trees.

I know several people rather want to get the Naked Rage in the Skill tree but cavalry can be kind of squishy in the open field so Latent Power feels a little bit better here and ends in less bad results. Still, you can disagree here and adapt the build as you feel it will be better for you 🙂

Important! If you’re not sure who to pair Minamoto with, check out our freshly updated Ranked Commander Pairing list here 🙂

Barbarians (PvE) Build

If you use Minamoto to hunt down barbarians you really want to use this build:

best minamoto build barbarians

Build with RoKTalent Builder

The idea behind this build is to get not only the most out of those dirty barbarians, it also focus on getting faster there. So, here’s the best order to recreate this build on your Minamoto

Step 1 (30 Points) – you want to get down the Peacekeeping tree to get Trophy Hunter. This will give you extra resource packs for every barbarian army you will take out and adds up in the long run. From here getting to Thoroughbreds is a good idea because the faster march speed will give you a good boost in the long run as well when you can save up time.

Step 2 (44 Points) – As you will spend all the points now in the Skills tree, there’s no clear path or route to follow with this build. Naked Rage is for sure nice to have and something I’d go for first before getting to the highest end of the Skills tree but there’s no need to take that as a mandatory thing

Important! If you’re not sure who to pair Minamoto with, check out our freshly updated Ranked Commander Pairing list here 🙂

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