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Best Nations in Rise of Kingdoms (Including New Nations 2019)

Choosing your nation in Rise of Kingdoms has quite some effect on your whole game experience as each nation has an individual bonus that will help you, some do more, some do less.

After all there’s not the single answer and the nation you should choose depends heavily on your play style and also if you’re in the early, mid or late stages in Rise of Kingdoms.

If you look at my list below I’m sure you’ll find some really helpful hints that will help you choose your nation.

This guide includes the new nations added 2019

Ottoman, Byzantium & Arabia

Changing Your Nation

By the time you’re reading this, you probably already have chosen your nation, right?

Well, you can change your nation after you’ve chosen it but it will cost you 10,000 Gems or a token for changing your nation – so if you haven’t played that long (few hours or days), you might want to think about starting instead of wasting that amount of Gems for that.

It’s important to have the right nation, but just think about how much you can get with 10,000 Gems or how long it takes to get that many Gems in Rise of Kingdoms.

You can do it in your profile by using the arrows next to your nation.

change nation in rise of kingdoms

But now let’s get back to the original question, what is the best nation to choose?

One thing to mention here, if you change your nation everything will change (but not get reset!), only your starting commander will remain the same!

If you also want to check out which commanders are really good in Rise of Kingdoms, you might want to check out my guide here.

Rise of Kingdoms Nations – Which Is The Best?

I have tried to put them in a tier list to give you an indication how well (or bad) they are, so you will the great nations to choose, the okay nations and the nations that I think are not really useful.

The Nations To Choose

Japan – For me, that’s a perfect nation when you’re starting the game. The 30% speed . for scouts will really help you when you have most of the map uncovered (and believe me, the map is bigger than you could imagine). Also 3% troop attack buff and 5% resource gathering buff will be extremely useful to you in the earlier stages of the game.

*New* Byzantium – the main benefits here are the 5% additional health for cavalry troops and the 15% additional hospital capacity. This is really powerful because many are using cavalry units quite heavily and the extra 5% will help not letting them die because they are really expensive to train, especially later in the game. The additional hospital capacity will also help you to lose as few as possible of them so if you use cavalry units often (or plan to), this nation is really great when you’re later in the game

Germany – Has more action point recovery than China, faster troop training speed and the additional damage for cavalry units is really helpful. The reason why this nation is so much on top of this list is that their special unit, the Teutonic Knight, is very strong and great to use.

Good Nations

China – Especially in the mid stages of the game when the upgrades and recovering action points will take longer you will really appreciate the perks you get with China. Wouldn’t really recommend it for the beginning because your defense is not that strong that the buff will give you game-changer and building speed is not that long that the 5% faster building would do much of a change.

*New* Arabia – actually this nation has really strong buffs, but I put it here because only ally leaders and people starting rallies frequently will really benefit from the additional damage dealt to barbarians and the damage buff all allied troops will get. If you’re the ally or rally leader this nation will serve you best.

France – for sure a nation that you can use in the end game. when you will see 20% additional healing speed and extra health for your troops as an advantage. The reason why I didn’t put France on top is the fact that their special unit, the Throwing Axemen are not really good in the endgame of Rise of Kingdoms where everyone focuses on cavalry units.

Korea – this is a good nation in the later stages of the game where you will really appreciate the hospital capacity that can save you a ton of expenses for training new troops and the research speed buff is also a great help later when the researches take very long times. The archer defense buff, in fact, isn’t that useful after all.

Spain – a nation with nice perks but not for beginners. In the beginning you will get experience quite easy from barbarians and gathering resources – however, later in the game you will see that it takes a lot of time leveling your commanders so there you might see Spain as a good option.

Britain – they are good as well and the additional garrison capacity will hurt attackers a lot and the faster troop training is also helpful. However, it always depends on how active and good your alliance is. I’d only recommend them if you’re later in the game and training a lot of the T4/T5 units that take long where the faster training buff will come into play.

Rome – Actively you’ll increase your troop marching speed which is good for grinders but after all I don’t find this nation that helpful in Rise of Kingdoms right now.

Don’t Choose These Nations

Well, there are no nations that are really bad as they all have some benefits – simply check above which one will meet your play style and the stage you’re in the game to make the best decision.

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