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Best Richard I Builds in Rise of Kingdoms

Richard is for sure one of the most overpowered commanders in Rise of Kingdoms and to be found in so many places.

Still, even the best commander is worth nothing without the right build and that’s what I want to show you in this guide here – nothing else than the best working builds for Richard that you can adapt and re-build on your account (even if you haven’t fully maxed Richard).

Richard I Role

Richard’s biggest strength is defending, either your city but also flag or fort. You can use him on the open field but when you have him defending your city you can be sure that’s done the right way.

Still, there’s also some nice build for open field so don’t close this page, yet! 😉

Best Richard Builds

So, I promised you some builds and without further ado I want to show them to you.

Open Field / Infantry Build

This build here is the only one you should use with Richard on the open field:

richard best infantry open field build

Build with RoKTalent Builder

So, here’s the best way to re-build this build when you don’t have Richard fully maxed:

Infantry – the first thing you want to do is getting into the Infantry tree and get some march speed, for open field that’s nothing else than mandatory.  You get that on the right side with Fleet of Foot.

Defense Tree  – Now it’s time to hit the defense tree to get some march speed here as well with March Speed (All Troops). I personally think that now is also a good point to get over to Loose Formation that greatly reduces the damage you take.

Infantry – back to infantry again and now it’s time to spend the other available points there. I’d go over to the left side there now and get Strong of Body for a great health buff for infantry units. From here you should now obviously work your way through the Infantry tree to the top.

Important! If you’re not sure who to pair Richard with, check out our freshly updated Ranked Commander Pairing list here 🙂

Flag Infantry

Here’s the build to use for defending your flag but make sure that you get monstly infantry into the flag. (There’s one build that is a little more effective but only if you make sure you have nothing else than infantry in the flag and in 99.99% this one guy messes that up, so this build here will be more effective overall):

best richard open field build rise of kingdoms

Build with RoKTalent Builder

This explains why we have Desperate Elegy here in this build rather than Hold the Line. Hold the Line only comes effective if there is not one single different unit there than infantry so one single wrong unit from one person could just deactivate Hold the Line – just felt that I wanted to explain this with this Richard build here.

In total Desperate Elegy is not as powerful because you only get that effect at one point while Hold the Line is effective all the time, but I think Desperate Elegy is more viable because you don’t have to fear that this one guy sending in Archer units will mess up your build.

Important! If you’re not sure who to pair Richard with, check out our freshly updated Ranked Commander Pairing list here 🙂

Garrison Build

Well, let’s safe the best for last, right? 😉 The build you’re probably here if you’re running Richard and that’s the build that will make him a garrison defending beast:

best richard garrison build rise of kingdoms

Build with RoKTalent Builder

Here are some tips on how to spend the talent points on this build:

Garrisson (18 Points) – there are some wasted talent points in this tree to get King’s Guard, but that’s worth it because the increase for everything that King’s Guard offers is worth taking this talent tree forst when re-building this build

Infantry (13 Points) – your next step should be pumping in the next points into the infantry tree to get the extras there. It’s better to have them sooner than filling out the Defense tree first.

After that you can start putting your points into the Defense tree.

Important! If you’re not sure who to pair Richard with, check out our freshly updated Ranked Commander Pairing list here 🙂


What’s you opinion on these builds for Richard I in Rise of Kingdoms? If you have questions or you want to add anything please drop a comment below 🙂

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