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  • rise of kingdoms sunset canyon guide

    Sunset Canyon Guide – Tactics & Commanders To Use

    Succeeding in Sunset Canyon comes down to two things – using the right commanders with the right talent tree setups and using the right strategy against the opponent’s setup. In this short guide I want to go through the general setup you want to use (so you can adapt that to the commanders you’re using) […] More

  • in

    Titles – How To Handle & Use Them

    There are several misconceptions about titles out there and I wanted to make this brief guys here not only for the kings out there but also for all the other players that could benefit from the titles – basically, how to make the most out of the titles & buffs. Titles In Rise of Kingdoms […] More

  • rise of kingdoms how to level up commander fast guide

    How To Level Up Commander As Fast As Possible

    Unlocking a commander is one thing, but taking that commander to maximum level is another one. In this guide I wanted to show you some tips that can speed up the leveling progress of your commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. I have a good strategy for gaining experience as fast as possible as well as […] More

  • rise of kingdoms gathering guide

    The ONLY Gathering Guide You REALLY Need

    Gathering is one of the key aspects in Rise of Kingdoms and I have a feeling that many players out there leave a lot of potential on the table and waste a lot of time using the wrong technique to gather. For that reason I decided to write a full guide on the topics that […] More

  • rise of kingdoms best lohar builds

    Best Lohar Builds (Talent Tree) in Rise of Kingdoms

    Lohar has a bad standing as he is really bad in everything, well, except fighting Barbarians and Forts – that’s something he can do really well actually and only Boudica or Belisarius are similarly well in doing that next to Lohar among the epic commanders. So, Lohar is good in one thing and for that […] More

  • rise of kingdoms best belisarius builds

    Best Belisarius Builds (Talent Tree) in Rise of Kingdoms

    Belisarius is one of my favorite epic commanders in Rise of Kingdoms and with his speed he can be a great option for several things. Belisarius Role Belisarius is quick and he has the Mobility Tree, this makes him perfect for the open field to run around catching other players’ armies or killing barbarians and […] More

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