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Rise of Kingdoms Life Hacks & Cheats That Work

Rise of Kingdoms is one of the hottest new mobile strategy games, so it’s no surprise that so many people search for cheats or hacks that will boost their progress or ways to get free Gems. This was reason enough for me to review all the hacks and cheats out there for you to show you which ones work and which ones do not.

Let’s start.

Cheats & Hacks Review in Rise of Kingdoms

I spent a lot of hours to try out the cheats, hacks and tips for Rise of Kingdoms myself and there are quite some good ones.

Tip #1 – Online Generators & Hack Tools

Let’s start this article with the hack tool, the generators that you very likely already have seen before yourself when searching around for a hack.

The hack tool will require you to enter your player name, the amount of Gems and resources you need and then they will send it to your Rise of Kingdoms account. At least they say that, I wasn’t able to get one of them to work so I’m pretty sure that you shouldn’t use them to get free Gems.

Tip #2 – Cheat Codes

As Rise of Kingdoms being a free game you can play as long as you like without paying any money for it, you need to understand that the developers only make money by selling Gems vie the in-game shop – no surprise that any kind of cheat code wouldn’t favor their business model and is not available. If anybody tell you anything different they simply are wrong.

However, there are a lot of small cheats in the game that will boost your progress.

That’s what I will show you now.

Tip #3 – Hack for safe loot farming

You might know the problem that attacking other bases will break your shield and will lead to a messy raiding against your village that will leave you more empty-handed than you’ve been before in Rise of Kingdoms. If you want to farm resources safely without risking anything and probably even faster than attacking other villages

rise of civilizations farm hackThe hack I’m talking about is searching for Barbarians, Crop Land, Logging Camps and Stone Diaries that you can get a “Piece of Cake” or “Victory in the Bag” fight against.

This will prevent that you lose any troops and you can heal your army back up a lot faster and start the next one back to back as long as you like with downtimes of a few minutes without breaking your shield.

roc victory in the bag

Tip #4 – Hide loot from attackers

Every time your village gets attacked, you will lose some significant amount of loot – but there’s a way to save up resources that no attacker can ever steal in Rise of Kingdoms. It’s called items.

rise of civilizations hack to hide lootYou will get a lot of items from achievements, tasks or chests and the hack here is you should NEVER EVER use them unless you need them for a specific upgrade. Stockpile them as there’s no limit and you can do the expensive upgrades later in Rise of Kingdoms with ease.

Tip #5 – Double Speed Up Cheat

When you’re doing researches or training in your Academy and Training Centers, the research/training gets paused once you start an upgrade. Now there’s a nice hack that you can use that will double up the effectivity in Rise of Kingdoms – when you use a speed up item on the upgrade, also the training or research inside the Academy or Training Centers will get that boost, so you get basically a 2 for 1 discount on that – always use that and start a training or research before upgrading it!

Rise of Civilizations speed up hack

Update! This also applies to healing troops!

Tip #6 – Faster Commander XP

The fastest way to level up your Commanders is using the Tome of Knowledge on them that will boost their XP directly. I’ve been trying out a lot on how to get them as fast as possible and the best way to get them is sending out your scouts all the time.

Easy Ways To Upgrade Commander XP

Often enough they will discover a Mysterious Cave that you can send another scout to and will reward you with a Treasure of Cave Chest that will often contain the Tome of Knowledge that you can directly use on your commanders to boost their level.

Rise of Kingdoms Life Hacks For Free Gems & Gold Keys

Now let’s have a look at the ways that will help you get Gems and Silver/Gold Keys in Rise of Kingdoms.

Tip #1 – 200 Free Gems for a Like

Easy Method of Getting 200 Gems in Rise of Civilization | Rise of Civilizations Tips and TricksIf you go in the events tab and scroll down, you will see the option to like the Rise of Kingdoms Facebook Page and they will give you a whopping 200 free Gems for that – don’t hesitate, this is a nice boost for the start and these 200 Gems are really worth it.

Tip #2 – Daily Objectives

You can get 100 free Gems and 1 Golden Key guarantueed every day in Rise of Kingdoms by simply finishing the Daily Objectives. In fact, they are quite easy to get within a few minutes and are the most reliable and easiest way to get Gems and Golden Keys – that’s 3,000 free Gems and 30 Gold Keys a month for doing what you’re already doing. Playing Rise of Kingdoms 🙂

daily objectives gems and keys

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