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Rise of Kingdoms Life Hacks That REALLY Work

Rise of Kingdoms is one of the hottest mobile strategy games right now, so it’s no surprise that so many people search for cheats or hacks that will boost their progress or ways to get free Gems.

I decided to write a guide here about the real life hacks that only more experienced players know about and that you should apply asap.

Let’s start.

Life Hacks in Rise of Kingdoms

This is not about these fake generators or any other 3rd party tools that either don’t work or will get your account banned, this is about small and useful things that are inside the game that every player can use, risk free but full of benefits.

Life Hack #1 – Faster Daily Tasks

One of the most important things in Rise of Kingdoms is to complete your daily tasks. While some tasks are quite easy to complete, others take more and more time the further you progress.

rise of kingdoms life hack tasks

rise of kingdoms life hack tasks 2The task I’m talking about is the one “Skillful Craftsman” that requires you to upgrade one building in your village. So, with 24 hours time to complete and all upgrades taking several days… what are you going to do except of using Gems?

Exactly, you can simply build a decoration that is not only cheap but also very fast placed with like 10 seconds of building time – and it will finish this task. No gem using or burning of boosters, just do that when all your normal upgrades take longer than one day to get this taks done and you’re fine 🙂

Life Hack #2 – Mysterious Merchant

The Mysterious Merchant is an opportunity to make some great deals in the long run. But also there are enough events that require you to buy like 20 things from the Mysterious Merchant, which is completely utopic to do without spending gems.

So, here’s the life hack that will help you… you can actually make the Mysterious merchant appear more often! Every time you will complete training troops, finishing an upgrade (or, like above, building a decoration) or hunting Barbarians will make her appear.

Then you can get the good deals there, some like buy 50,000 Wood for 45,000 Food where you basically will do a 10% positive trade from. So, you not only finish the task for the events faster, you can also make more good deals ????

Life Hack #3 – Upgrade Costs VS Rewards

Some upgrades that you will find in your village aren’t that useful later in the game, for example the Scout Camp. The thing is, you can still make great profit in resources by upgrading them anyway.

In this example with the Scout Camp, the upgrade costs me 250,000 Food and Wood – but the reward for the task talling me to upgrade it will give me 900,000 Food, 1,3 million Woode and 500,000 Stone. That’s multiple times of what this upgrade costed and there are many other buildings that have similar tasks.

life hack upgrading buildings

The life hack here is that you can actually earn and stockpile a nice amount of resources by upgrading buildings that you normally wouldn’t upgrade because you don’t use them that frequently.

But make sure to double-check the task if it really gives more resources than the upgrade costs 😉

Life Hack #4 – Gem Gathering

There’s a lot of different opinions out there about gem gathering. Some say it’s a waste of time but the honest truth is, if done correctly it will give you up to 1,000 Gems per day!

1,000? Am I kidding you? No!

So, there are some rules that apply and you should only go after Level 2 Gem Tiles that will give you 20 Gems. With a normal gathering commander it will take about 45 minutes to get the 20 Gems from it and multiply that with up to 5 marches you have 100 Gems per hour.

The problem is, and that’s where most people say it’s useless, when you have all your marches hunting gems, who will gather resources?

The best answer for this is setting up yourself a farm account in the same kingdom and you have that for gathering resources. I have written a lot about setting up a farm account lately so feel free to dive into that topic here.

Life Hack #5 – Academy Rushing

Many players don’t upgrade their Academy unless they really have to, simply for the reason that during building you can’t research. And there are plenty of researches to do.

Now this is actually a bad strategy! As you can see here the Academy will give you a research speed bonus with every new level

upgrade academy life hack

So, with every level you will research faster and I can’t stress enough that you need to upgrade your Academy with every City Hall upgrade. Request help and use boosters to get the upgrade finished as fast as possible, there’s no other building upgrade you can spend your boosters better on than upgrading the Academy. This life hack will save you hundreds of hours of research time in the long run!

Life Hack #6 – Hide loot from attackers

Every time your village gets attacked, you will lose some significant amount of loot – but there’s a way to save up resources that no attacker can ever steal in Rise of Kingdoms. It’s called items.

rise of civilizations hack to hide lootYou will get a lot of items from achievements, tasks or chests and the hack here is you should NEVER EVER use them unless you need them for a specific upgrade. Stockpile them as there’s no limit and you can do the expensive upgrades later in Rise of Kingdoms with ease.

Life Hack #7 – Double Speed Up Cheat

When you’re doing researches or training in your Academy and Training Centers, the research/training gets paused once you start an upgrade. Now there’s a nice hack that you can use that will double up the effectivity in Rise of Kingdoms – when you use a speed up item on the upgrade, also the training or research inside the Academy or Training Centers will get that boost, so you get basically a 2 for 1 discount on that – always use that and start a training or research before upgrading it!

Rise of Civilizations speed up hack

Update! This also applies to healing troops!

Life Hack #8 – Faster Commander XP

The fastest way to level up your Commanders is using the Tome of Knowledge on them that will boost their XP directly. I’ve been trying out a lot on how to get them as fast as possible and the best way to get them is sending out your scouts all the time.

Easy Ways To Upgrade Commander XP

Often enough they will discover a Mysterious Cave that you can send another scout to and will reward you with a Treasure of Cave Chest that will often contain the Tome of Knowledge that you can directly use on your commanders to boost their level.


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